The Cleaning Cube - Lavender

Ditch the bottles! Prop a Cleaning Cube on the sink sill and clean everything from greasy pans to grimy dishes. Did I mention it works well on counters, sinks, stove tops, showers and laundry stains too?

How do you use it? Simple! Wet a sponge or wash cloth and wipe the cube several times to "load" it. Wipe that loaded sponge over the item to wash. Rinse. Done.

For laundry, wet the garment stain thoroughly. Rib the cleaning cube onto the stain. Let sit or wash immediately.

Why does this work? I use loads of coconut oil in the soap. Coconut oil contains large mounts of Lauric Acid, the fatty acid that loves to strip greasy grime.

This one cube weighs in at a lb or more providing months of cleaning power you can feel good about. Feel good because it is economical, effective and nicer to look at than a drippy bottle.

This listing is for one Cleaning Cube. Size: 3" x 3" x 3". Net Wt 1 lb. (Usually more)

Ingredients: Coconu...
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